What is a Swim Spa?

What Is a Hot Tub Swimming Pool?


If you have been browsing hot tubs and pools online, you may have come across a model that looks like a mix between the two. Dealers often get asked ‘What is a hot tub swimming pool? The proper name for this type of unit is actually a swim spa. These spas are kind of like a mix between a traditional swimming pool and hot tub but have some really unique advantages, making them a fabulous investment.


Keep reading below to learn more about what swim spas are and find out if they may be the perfect choice for your home and lifestyle.

What Is a Swim Spa?


Essentially, a swim spa is a machine that looks similar to a pool and hot tub but is designed to let users swim continuously against a current. Basically, the current keeps you in the same place so that you never have to turn around and do laps. This design has two major advantages. First, it delivers a challenging, adjustable workout and secondly, it takes up much less space than a traditional pool does.


Many swim spas also feature split designs, so one end of the spa is equipped with hot tub seats and water jets. Here, bathers can soak in warm water and enjoy all the benefits that hot tubs have to offer, such as hydrotherapy massage.


Types of Swim Spas

Swim spas come in a number of shapes and sizes and can be as compact as just 10 feet in length. For families especially, 14 or 17-foot models are typically recommended to provide enough space for several people to enjoy the spa at once.


Swim spas can come as self-contained, portable units complete with a cabinet surrounding the acrylic shell. Alternately, just the acrylic shell can be purchased which is commonly used for deck or in-ground installations.


One of the major advantages of a swim spa is the ease of installation. With portable models, all that is required is a flat level base (usually made from concrete) that the swim spa can safely rest on and that there is access to a 220 volt electrical supply. Once the delivery truck arrives and your spa is carried to its location and filled with water, it is ready to be enjoyed. This is often a deciding factor for many that are struggling to choose between a swim spa or pool. With a swimming pool, it can take months for the installation to be completed (not to mention the cost) whereas a swim spa is practically ready to go the instant it arrives.

 But probably the biggest advantage is the swim spa can be used year round! Imagine being able to continue your aquatic workout throughout the winter or let your kids go swimming in January in your own backyard!

The Hot Tub Advantage

The ‘hot tub swimming pool’ look comes from swim spas that have a split design and feature hot tub seating at one end of the spa. This fantastic feature gives users the best of both worlds - the ability to get a challenging, swim workout and the option to relax and reap the numerous benefits of hydrotherapy.


Hot tubs equipped with customized massage programs can target a number of problem areas and ailments. From soothing sore muscles to helping heal injuries quicker to reducing anxiety and helping bathers get a better night of sleep, there are plenty of wellness benefits. Many swim spa owners love the fact that they can use their investment as a gym one day and a place to relax the next.


To find out more about if a  swim spa is the right choice for you, visit our showroom today!

March 24, 2023 — Garrys Garden Gallery
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