Create the Perfect Outdoor Room
Create the Perfect Outdoor Room☀️
Outdoor rooms are one of today's most desirable design trends and an ideal way to enhance your hot tub experience. By creating a personalized outdoor oasis with your hot tub at the center, you'll have more space for relaxation, entertainment, barbecues, and family time. Whether you want a private, intimate space or an inviting area for guests, there are a wide variety of outdoor room designs for every lifestyle.
In this post, you'll learn how to create an incredible outdoor room of your own.
Understand Your Style
Whether your style is rustic, casual, eclectic, or sophisticated, your outdoor room should match it. Consider the design style in the rest of your home or the feeling you'd like to create with your outdoor room before you start designing it. Below are five interior design basics you should think about.
Floor Coverings: There are many ways to utilize decks, hardscapes, gardens, and lawns to create a specific atmosphere for your outdoor room. Think about how you'll utilize these areas and what kinds of floor coverings you can use under or near the hot tub to create the right mood.
Wall Decor: By using screens, gazebos, trellises, and hanging plants, you can create a beautiful natural space. Carefully consider the wall decor you choose, including colours and themes that suit your style.
Lighting: Think about whether you want bold, colourful lighting for entertaining at night or softer, more subdued lighting to create a relaxed or intimate experience. 
Furnishings: Your furnishings should match the style you've created in the rest of the outdoor room. Carefully choose fabrics and colours that will enhance the atmosphere. Patio tables and chairs, planters, and other decorative pieces can add charm and functionality to your outdoor room.
Accessories: Accessories are a must for creating the right outdoor room for you. If you're creating a space for entertaining, consider a full bar with stools and an outdoor stereo system. For a family-friendly area, a full outdoor kitchen or barbeque area might be just what you need.
Gardens, flowers, shrubs and trees will definitely finish your outdoor room, making it beautiful and inviting. 
Simple Design Options
Although an outdoor room may sound complicated, it can be as simple as you want it to be. In fact, you may be able to find creative ways to modify your current landscape without hiring a professional landscaper. A trip to our store can help you plan your outdoor room. We have the largest display of quality patio furniture in The Kawarthas, indoor and outdoor decor, 100,000 square foot garden center and of course the hot tubs, swimspas and pools. 
3 Easy Steps for Getting Started
Get started on your outdoor room today by following these 3 easy steps:
Step 1: Determine the right place for your outdoor room. It should be a spot with solid foundation and an electrical outlet.
Step 2: Take measurements of the area. Make sure to measure for decking, trees and plants, paths, and other design features. Also look up the size and specifications of your hot tub. This will ensure that your hot tub fits perfectly.
Step 3: Get to work on your dream room. The possibilities are endless!
February 13, 2023 — Garrys Garden Gallery
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