Lavender, The Floral Essential you Didn't Know You Needed!

Lavender, a popular perennial plant, is characterized by its fragrant aroma, gray-green leaves, tall flower spikes, and compact shrub shape. The ideal time to plant lavender is in spring, once the danger of frost has subsided and the soil has warmed. It typically grows steadily, increasing its size by a few inches annually. It's important to note that lavender can be harmful to pets such as dogs and cats.

Plant lavender in the sunniest spots in your garden. Lavender plants are resilient and can adapt to various conditions, but they thrive in warm, well-drained soil and full sunlight. For optimal growth, plant lavender in the spring, typically around April or May, when the soil is warm and the risk of frost has passed. In your garden, lavender serves as a great companion plant for a variety of crops, from roses to cabbage.

Its fragrant, gray foliage acts as a natural deer repellent, making it ideal to plant lavender as a protective measure in your garden beds. Continue planting new plants to ensure a plentiful harvest for years to come. Lavender pals can stick around for a solid 10 years, but like fine wine, they may lose a bit of their sparkle over time. Spice up your lavender crew by giving them a fresh start through propagation. Out with the old, in with the new!

Lavender is a hardy plant that shows great resilience and becomes highly drought-tolerant once it has taken root. During the initial growth phase, ensure your lavender plants receive regular watering. Once established, they can endure prolonged dry spells; excessive water may cause fungal diseases and root rot.

Researchers discovered that lavender enhances slow-wave sleep, the phase of deep sleep where the heart rate decreases and muscles unwind. By incorporating a lavender plant in your  bedroom, you can enjoy not only its pleasing appearance and fragrance but also experience deeper sleep.

One of the reasons why lavender is like gold is because even when dried, its flowers keep on giving off that sweet scent. To dry them like a pro, pluck those beauties just as they start to bloom. Then, hang them upside-down in cozy nooks with a nice breeze until they are perfectly dried.

After plucking lavender, the world is your oyster! From chic decor to handy hacks, the options are endless. Pop them in a vase for a kitchen table masterpiece, or jazz up a mason jar for a touch of glam in your cozy spaces.


Feeling crafty? Grab a wreath hoop and whip up a fragrant lavender wreath fit for greeting guests at your front door! Give those lavender buds a spa day by detaching them from the stems and nestling them into cute little pouches. Toss these fragrant sachets into your drawers for a burst of zen every time you rummage through your socks.

Feeling fancy? Whip up some DIY lavender oil for instant calm vibes - give those buds a squish, pop them in a jar with your favourite oil, and let the sunny spot in your home work its magic for two days. Ah, the sweet smell of serenity!

April 07, 2024 — Garrys Garden Gallery
Tags: perennials