Model 240P Pool Package

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Why try and cram a whole summer of fun into one or two short weeks? A new pool makes your summer fun last all summer! It's like one endless summer of cool fun for the whole family.

The exclusive TileStone pattern has been designed to add traditional beauty with contemporary flare, ensuring a great look in any backyard. Our pool is manufactured with both resin and steel components. These materials are integrated to provide the best combination of strength and durability available in pool technology today.

The pool features a large 7" steel ledge, 6" steel upright, and 2 piece form fitting resin cap. Resin components provide durability where it most needed.

The wall and all other frame components are made of hot dipped galvanised steel giving the pool the strength it needs to contain thousands of gallons of water. They are primed, painted, and coated with clear liquid vinyl for true weather ability.

Our oval pool is available with a traditional buttress system and uses heavy steel gauge steel components to crate strength and durability.

Let your dream become reality. With our pool, it is possible!

Available sizes: 










12' x 18'

12' x 24'

16' x 26'

16' x 32'

18' x 33'

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