Nematodes are super easy to use, require very little work and no sprays! You get a whopping 10 million nematodes in an individual package. That will cover an area between 2000-3000 square feet (based on a heavy or light application rate). They are shipped in a powdery solution that mixes well in water. Be sure to keep your nematodes in the fridge (but not frozen) and apply as soon as possible for best results. They are a living insect so the longer you wait the less effective they will be (they can die if you wait too long). Do not use nematodes at are past their expiration date. You can apply them using a watering can, sprayer and hose attachment or misting system. It’s a good idea to apply your nematodes during low light periods (morning or evening are best).

It is very important that you mix and apply your nematodes quickly so they don’t ‘expire’ in the can.