Hydropool AquaSport 19 DTAX

The ultimate backyard aquatic centre.

AquaSport 19 DTAX

This is a Dual Zone Fitness Swim Spa. In the swim zone get fit using the Jet Flex AccuFlo Jets to keep you in place due to the strong current. Take a break after the swim session by resting in the Self Cleaning 5 Person Hot Tub. The Hot Tub zone includes 8 Wellness Programs and zone therapy. Control the dual temperature; allowing for a cooler temperature in the swim area, while soaking and relaxing in hotter temperatures in the hot tub section. Our Cross-Current Stabilization System will keep swimmers in place against the current. Enjoy getting fit while spending time with loved ones.

  • Recessed jetting
  • LED lighting
  • Safety steps
  • Self Cleaning Technology
Specifications AquaSport 19DTAX Details
Dimensions 93”X 226” / 236 cm x 574 cm
Height 53″ / 134 cm
Volume Swimspa Volume: 1762US gallons / 6670 L Hot Tub Volume: US gallons 315/ 1192 L
Weight Full 21,317 lbs / 9672 Kg*
Weight Empty 4000 lbs / 1815 kgs
Seating 4 - 5 Person