Hydropool AquaSport 14 AX

AquaSport 14 AX

This is our most popular model for our AquaSport Swim Spas. The 14AX AquaSport features a new ergonomic design and swims tank design along with numerous engineering innovations that include four Hydrotherapy Seats, each with Zone Therapy. The swim has gone to a new depth with a 53-inch deep swim tank and has two AccuFlo jets that deliver a smooth swim and one AquaStream jet, all backed up by our new Dual Performance Flow Intakes that dramatically reduce the reflective wave effect. The swim tank features new soft stride mats on the floor. Fully control your workout using the two AccuFlo jets. The 14AX AquaSport allows for endless swimming at beginner to advanced levels. This Self Cleaning All Weather Swimming Pool is insulated to operate 365 days a year in any climate. The 14AX AquaSport has two hydrotherapy seats for your friends and family to join you as you work out.

AquaSport 14AX 

Specifications AquaSport 14AX Details
Dimensions 174” X 93” / 442 cm x 236 cm
Height 52.75" / 134 cm
Volume 1900 US gallons / 7220 L
Weight Full 18,445 lbs / 8369 Kg
Weight Empty 2,532 lbs /1149 Kg
Seating 4 Person