Hydropool Executive Sport 19Ex

The Best Cross Training Swimspa In The Industry

Executive Sport 19EX

Take it to the next level with a 19EX Executive Sport swim spa. With this technology, you are able to do cardio at advanced levels. When you are swimming, notice the soft Stride Mat marker mounted on the floor, this helps swimmers stay in line, as the current gets heavy. Take advantage of self-cleaning technology and a pure water system to create time for what matters. Finally, use the cross-training guide and video series to help guide you to the best workout in the convenience of your own home.

  • AcuFlow Swimjets
  • Self Clean Technology


    Executive Sport 19

    Weight Full 22,948 lbs / 10,412 kg
    Weight Empty 3028 lbs / 1374 kg
    Shell Length 220 Inches / 559 cm
    Shell Width 93 Inches / 236 cm
    Shell Height 53 Inches / 134 cm
    Volume 2378 US Gal / 9038 L
    Seating 2