Cycas Revoluta King Sago


It's an easy going, almost maintenance free indoor plant, that tends to create a perfect fit for those hectic households which don't have much time for houseplant care or attention but when you just want something green (and very easy) around. The semi glossy deep green leaves are quite tough and solid so resist damage well and maintain a rigid and symmetrical shape.
The gold standard for most houseplants is bright light but no direct sun and that's true for the Sago Palms. Too much light will cause damage to the leaves. The real danger for these houseplants is overwatering, too much will encourage rot and that's what you need to be careful of. So water well and then don't do it again until the soil is almost completely dry. In Winter, when there is less light and temperatures are cooler you'll find you only need to water occasionally.
Do not have this plant in your home if you have inquisitive pets or young children. There are many other non toxic houseplants to choose from so get something else instead. Always research your plants if you have kids or pets that could get into them.