Burlap - 40x30ft


Wrapping your evergreens, shrubs or plants with burlap is an easy way of protecting them in our harsh winters and against damaging road salt. Burlap is more effective than plastic as it allows the plant to still breathe so the air circulates and the heat isn't trapped. To cover a plant with burlap, begin by placing wooden stakes around the plant, allowing a few inches of space between the stakes and the plant. Drape a double layer of burlap over the stakes and secure the material to the stakes with staples. Most experts recommend that you not allow the burlap to touch the foliage if you can help it. Although not as worrisome as plastic, if burlap becomes wet and freezes, it can still possibly damage the plant.
Often, newly planted shrubs benefit from protection for the first few winters, but are winter-tolerant once they are well established. Broadleaf evergreen shrubs such as azaleas, camellias, rhododendrons often require covering during our winters.