Astilbe Short N Sweet Fireberry


More than just a pretty finish for a garden, these flaming pink, diamond-shaped plumes perk up container plantings, and their low, ferny foliage provides a decorative backdrop. 'Fireberry' is one of the Short ‘n Sweet™ dwarf Astilbes that reach about 16″ high and bloom in early to midsummer. Astilbe is a rugged and beautiful genus of shade lovers that throw colorful spikes above divided foliage in summer, a time when color in the shade garden is hard to come by. Use them in groups in the woodland border, or mass them to create a ground cover. In evenly moist or wet soil, Astilbes are tough, pest-free, and handsome. The only thing they cannot endure is drought. The blooms are useful for cutting if they are picked when half open.

One Gallon