Hydropool 790 Platinum

Hydropool's Self-Cleaning 790 is an 7-person hot tub with double loungers.

The Hydropool Self-Cleaning 790 (commonly referred to as the "Honeymooner Special") is an 8-person hot tub that comprises of two side-by-side never-float loungers, and an additional lounger that faces a separate direction. Relax three different ways in this spa: couples may lounge beside each other, across from one another, or use traditional seating to fit the whole family.

Easy-access, non-slip steps are built right into the interior, and the Hydropool Self-Cleaning 790 spa boasts 60 jets as part of our Platinum Series, offering our stainless steel, fully adjustable, high-volume hydrotherapy jetting system. Our exclusively designed zoned jetting delivers a balanced, soothing massage and a rejuvenating hot tub experience. Call today to speak to our hot tub specialists!


Self-Cleaning Hot Tub Model 790

Weight Full 4241 lbs / 1924 kg
Weight Empty 881 lbs / 401 kg
Shell Length 94 Inches / 239 cm
Shell Width 94 Inches / 239 cm
Shell Height 39 Inches / 99 cm
Volume 391 US Gal / 1485 L
Seating 6-7