770 S plug in


770 S – 115v

Seats: 5 person with lounger
Number of Jets: 26 Two-Tone Hydrotherapy Jets
Dimensions: 78” x 78” x 36”
Water Capacity: 317 US Gallons, 1,200 Litres

The 770 S – 115v hot tub features a 1.5HPR dual speed jet pump, and 26 two tone hydrotherapy massage jets.

A comfortable lounger is complemented by bench and bucket seating for up to 5 bathers. Multi-colour LED illumination creates a soothing, relaxing chromatherapy experience.

Sunrise Classic Collection Platform:

  • Galvanized SureSteel Frame

  • Insulated Bottom Tray

  • Manifold Plumbing System

  • Triple Seal Protection

  • Polysteel Cabinetry

  • Layered ROCKWOOL® Insulation