Hydropool Serenity 6800

Affordable Luxury

Invite your family and friends over for a fun night of laughs and entertainment. The Serenity 6800 allows for 6-7 people to fit comfortably and includes 4 personalized wellness zones for the ultimate hot tub experience. Enjoy a night with family and friends without sacrificing comfort. Take your relaxation and therapy to the next level with the biggest, most spacious Serenity Hot Tub model available. Call today to speak to our hot tub specialists!


2020 Serenity 6800

Weight Full 3807 lbs/ 1727 kg
Weight Empty 655 lbs / 297 kg
Shell Length 85.5" / 217cm
Shell Width 85.5" / 217cm
Shell Height 36" / 91 cm
Volume 376 US gallons / 1430 L
Seating 6-7