Above-Ground Swimming Pools

Why try and cram a whole summer of fun into one or two short weeks? A new pool makes your summer fun last all summer! It's like one endless summer of cool fun for the whole family.

Model 240P Pool Package

The exclusive TileStone pattern has been designed to add traditional beauty with contemporary flare, ensuring a great look in any backyard. Our pool is manufactured with both resin and steel components. These materials are integrated to provide the best combination of strength and durability available in pool technology today.

The pool features a large 7" steel ledge, 6" steel upright, and 2 piece form fitting resin cap. Resin components provide durability where it most needed.

Our oval pool is available with a traditional buttress system and uses heavy steel gauge steel components to crate strength and durability.

Model 240B Pool Package (2 Sizes Available)

Designed for fun and built to stay that way. Incredible value is built right into our above ground pool. Designed with active families in mind, the features strength and beauty and is an attractive addition to any family's home.

Available Sizes: 


12' Round

15' Round

Model 380N Pool Package (Salt Compatible)

Our pool brings unique style and beauty to your yard with design inspired walls. Color coordinated Khaki posts and top ledges add a graceful touch. This look compliments any backyard and any taste, and this new pool looks beautiful year after year, while it adds value to your lifestyle.

Our pool stands up to whatever kids can dish out, while it handles any weather with ease. Our extended 7" resin ledge resists weather, water, and wear. Durable 6" steel upright posts with unique interlocking resin caps and resin foot collars give the whole package strength, support, and style. Galvanised steel frame components have polyester paint finish, and Krystal Kote sealant to provide years of lasting beauty and quality. Heavy-duty tracks, oversized connectors and oversized fasteners add strength for a pool that will last years to come.

(Salt Compatible)

Model 380S Pool Package (Salt Compatible)

Our pool innovation offers quality, and robustness at an affordable price. Thanks to its 7-inch wide resin top seat and reinforced uprights, your kids can splash around all summer long. This pool is especially suited for pool enthusiasts whose top criteria are quality, and a reasonable price, as well as someone who may want a Salt system with their pool.

Easy to install and easy on the budget, an above-ground pool is a wise choice. it makes the whole family happy! Jump, splash, dive... the fun of summer is right there in your own backyard! Thanks to a wide range of shapes, materials and finishes, you can create the pool that's right for your family, no matter your needs. Want a pool for fun? For the kids? For relaxing at the end of a busy day? You will create a delightful, relaxing refuge in your own backyard.