Top 6 Plants For Your Bathroom
Who knew that your bathroom could be a green oasis? Sounds crazy, right? But it's true! Some plants are happy as clams in the steamy confines of your bathroom. The trick is to find plants that don't need a lot of light & can handle a good amount of humidity. While plants alone won't give mould the boot from your bathroom, they can definitely help reduce humidity levels. So, let's get planting and make that bathroom a tropical paradise!
Looking for a leafy friend to join you in your steamy shower sessions?
Look no further than the monstera, or as we like to call them, the Swiss cheese plant! These babies are used to the damp life as they hail from rainforests, so your bathroom will feel like home sweet home to them. While they can handle a bit of shade, they thrive on bright, filtered light for 8 to 10 hours a day, making a sunny bathroom window their dream spot. Give them the VIP treatment they deserve and watch them grow like wild!
Meet the Bathroom Plant MVP: English Ivy! Looking for the ultimate bathroom plant? Look no further than the English Ivy! This green powerhouse is an expert in air purification and thrives in low light conditions. Hang it up high and watch as its vines add a dramatic touch to your bathroom
The Boston Fern, an all-time favourite, loves to soak up moisture & steam, which makes it a perfect fit for your cozy bathroom sanctuary. It's the ultimate plant to add some greenery to dull corners, and if you hang it up high, its luxurious leaves will create a cascading waterfall effect
Cue the spotlight on the charming pothos plants that can brighten up even the dreariest bathroom! These cutie-pies just need a little love and attention, so don't fret if your bathroom lacks windows or sunshine. As long as you give them a sip of water when the soil is parched, they'll be happy campers. These low-maintenance angels adore bright, indirect light, but they're also pretty content in dimmer settings. Your bathroom oasis just got a whole lot greener!
Meet the aloe plant: the ultimate wingman for busy bees or first-time plant parents. This chill succulent is the epitome of low-maintenance, just give it a spot where it can soak up some sunshine (direct or indirect) and it's good to go! Plus, it's the ultimate sunburn saviour & skin irritation whisperer
Whether you're a seasoned gardening pro or a newbie, the snake plant is an all-time favourite for a reason! This luscious green beauty is a breeze to care for, and oh-so-gorgeous. It's like a superhero plant that can survive anywhere from dry to humid climates and can soak in either low or high indirect light. It's the perfect plant pal that can take care of itself and just needs a bit of love from you.
February 05, 2024 — Garrys Garden Gallery