Top 5 'Pet Safe' Plants

Are you torn between your furry friends and your green thumb? Here are the top five plants that will keep your pets safe and your plant love thriving!


Say hello to Calathea, the diva of indoor plants! She is a little picky, so make sure to give her a cozy spot with medium to low light. When her soil dries out about an inch from the top, give her a sip of water. Watch out for her dramatic side - if her leaves curl up, she's thirsty!


Parlour Palms play hard to get and require a little pampering. They appreciate sitting in a sunny spot but not under direct sunlight. Quench their thirst only when the topsoil is dry to the touch, and if their leaves start to curl, they're probably dying for a drink


Let's talk about the Spider Plant! It's a laid back kind of plant that enjoys bright, indirect sunlight, but can also handle low light situations. Keep an eye on the soil and give it a good drink once the top 2 inches are dried out. If the tips are crispy, the plant is parched and needs more water. If they are turning dark brown, it's time to back off on the watering


Introducing the Hoya! This little ball of sunshine can't get enough of a snug corner with a perfect balance of light (not too much, not too little). It's a plant of few demands when it comes to watering, so let the soil have a good dry spell before you water


Peperomia This lovely plant loves a spot with plenty of gentle light. Don't drown it with too much water though! Let the top layer of soil dry out before you give it a drink. Dryer soil is a happy soil!

February 03, 2024 — Garrys Garden Gallery