The Lampe Berger
In the beginning, the Lampe Berger was only intended to clean the air of hospitals and eliminate germs in Paris. Over the years, the perfume dimension has been added to this use and the lamps became popular worldwide. The diffused odor became more pleasant allowing the catalytic lamp to become more popular amongst households. 

Your home is an environment in which you spend a lot of time, so it must be clean and healthy. Choose a beautiful fragrance or a neutral scent. (a trick: if you find your fragrance too strong, add Neutral to your favourite fragrance) And now with the addition of Summer Night fragrance to the many available fragrances, you can keep mosquitoes away while lounging in your gazebo or backyard. 

Before you begin:  The lamp accessorries
A few simple steps are enough for the diffusion of your Berger lamp to be effective:

1. Fill up the lamp bottle with a Lampe Berger fragrance not more than 2/3 of the bottle level.

2. Let the wick sit in the lamp with the stopper cap on. If it's a first time use, let the wick soak for 20 minutes. Then  remove the stopper cap.

3. Light up the catalytic burner for 2-3 minutes. (The flame will be very large at the beginning but there is no smoke. The burner will get hot.)

4. Blow the flame off the catalytic burner after 2-3 minutes.

5. Let the fragrance diffuse for 20 - 60 minutes. (Put the stopper on if you want to stop the lamp from diffusing.)

That's it! You're done.

Your lamp purifies and perfumes your interior. You now know how to use your lamp.

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A gesture, a ritual...

The Lampe Berger is a unique ritual. The air is purified, perfumed, It only takes 30 minutes to purify a space of 50 square feet. 

February 01, 2022 — Garrys Garden Gallery
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