Getting Amaryllis to Re-Bloom
How do I get my amaryllis to rebloom? For amaryllis to rebloom, they need to be exposed to cool temperatures for a period. This can be done by forcing your plants into dormancy by placing them in a cool (45 to 55°F), dark place 
It’s not hard to get your amaryllis bulb to bloom a second time. But you do need to be prepared to wait almost a full year for more flowers. During that time, you'll be helping the bulb build up enough energy to bloom again. Here’s how you can do it ⬇️
✅Remove the Flowers and Stalks. Snip off the flowers as they fade and then cut the stems short, to within an inch of the bulb. 
✅ Give It Sun. After the bulb has flowered and been cut back, it will send out 3 to 6 long leaves. During this time it's important for the plant to receive plenty of light. Grow your amaryllis like a houseplant for the rest of winter and spring. After danger of frost has passed, you can move your plant outside for the summer. Put your amaryllis in a sunny spot, but protect it from direct sun and rain ☀️ 
✅ Feed and Don’t Overwater. Amaryllis are happy to grow in pots and the bulb should stay dry and the soil should be barely moist -- never soggy. Fertilize once or twice a month. 
✅ Let It Rest. In late summer or early fall, stop watering and move the potted bulb to a cool (55°F), dry location, away from bright light. A basement or garage is ideal. The leaves will gradually wither as the plant goes dormant. Leave the bulb alone and don’t water it.
✅ Repot for a Second Appearance. After your amaryllis has rested for 2 to 5 months, you can start again. There’s no rush, so if you have several bulbs you may want to start them at different times. Repot the bulb using fresh growing mix. Water once and move the pot into a bright, 60-65°F room. Water sparingly until the bulb is in active growth.
January 31, 2023 — Garrys Garden Gallery